Hi! I'm Kimberly, but you can call me Kim. 

I am a Web Designer with a strong focus on UX and content strategy currently residing in Oakland, CA. I appreciate all things design, and I love to explore (travel, hikes, museums, etc.), capture (with my Sony a6000), and create (my blog and video series). Technology excites me, and I'm an advocate for STE(A)M Education. I received a B.S. Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Florida where I learned how to effectively solve problems for a variety of industries. Whether you are an individual looking to showcase your online personal brand or a startup that needs a new digital/content strategy, my goal is to deliver a creative solution that fits both your business and user needs. When developing these solutions, there is one thing you always can count on: I am creating with 'both sides of my brain'.

LEFT SIDE:  Professional Experience - BizOps, Software Implementation, Project Management, Data Analysis, Technical Documentation, & Process Improvement

RIGHT SIDE: Professional Experience - UX Design, Web/Mobile Design, Personal Branding, Content Development, Copywriting, & Digital/Social Media Strategy