Kimberly GANT

Kimberly is a designer with a strong focus on UX and content strategy, currently residing in Oakland, CA. She appreciates all things design, and loves to explore (travel, museums, events, etc.), capture (with her Sony a6000), and create (her content and video series). Kimberly received a B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Florida, where she learned how to effectively solve problems for a variety of industries.

Currently, Kimberly is a Web & Digital Marketing Manager in the financial consulting firm, where she is responsible for all corporate web and digital experiences, using her expertise in design, analytics, social media, and content development to increase online presence and ensure brand alignment.

In her free time, she loves to help new entrepreneurs and nonprofits reach their fullest potential. Whether they are looking to showcase their online brand or craft a new digital and content strategy, her goal is to deliver creative solutions that fit both their business and user needs.