#KimExplores Coachella

It all started with a tweet that I randomly saw in early June 2015 stating that the first round of Coachella pre-sale tickets were going on sale the next day.

Tip: The first round of tickets can be purchased on a payment plan; after a ~$45 down payment ~$50 a month for 6 months. You won’t know who is performing yet; however, this will allow you to pay by month instead of a full price up front if need be.

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I remembered a conversation me and one of my friends had a while back about her wanting to go, so I sent her the text. I didn’t think anything of it at the time besides giving a reminder. However, things escalated so quickly. 48 hours later, we had 9 ticket purchases for Coachella Weekend 1 and a down payment to reserve a house.

TIP: There are three options you can choose from for living arrangements: (camping on site, hotel packages, off-site housing). Our group chose off site housing option by renting a house in Palm Desert. If you are looking to be as close to the festival as possible, stay in either Indio (the location of the festival), LaQuinta, or Palm Desert. If you want to be around the weekend parties but don’t mind being a little farther out, stay in Palm Springs. IMO, if you have a big group, definitely choose an off-site house. It can be cost effective as well as allowing the most space for everyone. If you can, reserve it ASAP. The longer you wait, the less houses that are available and the more expensive they become.


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Fast forward 10 months later, and the time had come. I remember when my #TrappedOutTwennyFif Coachella Squad and I first arrived on the grounds. I got off the shuttle, feeling excited and ready to seize the day. There are people everywhere. It's HOT, but everyone seems happy & carefree. After security & bag check, you enter into this festival wonderland. The deeper you go in the grounds the more you understand why this is one of the best festivals in the world. Coachella creates not only a music festival but an experience. For 3 days, all you worry about is how many cool pics you want to take, how you will prioritize your set lists, and how to prepare your stomach for all the amazing foods your stomach sees.


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There was so much good food on the festival grounds, but I had to pace myself for the long day. Between the sets, I would take time to eat by purchasing heavy protein meals such as burritos, burgers, and chicken (& a churro which tasted AMAZING that I grabbed and go on the way to Ice Cube). Coachella is definitely a marathon, so I couldn’t forget to eat just because I didn’t want to miss the next show. Not only was food important, but also being hydrated.  Each day when I first got to the grounds, I headed for the water refill station to supply my Camelbak.

With a full stomach and a prepared Camelbak, I headed to the music sets. At Coachella, they have a variety of music venues such as Yuma, Outdoor Theatre, Sahara, Mojave, etc that are stages for the performances. Of course, I had my favorites that I wanted to see, but I wanted to experience all the music that the festival had to offer. Coachella is also known for bringing out special guests that aren't on the lineup, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed either way. However, it's not possible to see every artist at each venue, so each day I planned my must sees with other artists from the lineup that I could incorporate into my schedule.   


  • DJ Mustard with special guest YG
  • Gallant with special guest Seal
  • A$AP Rocky with special guest Kanye
  • Jack U with special guests  Post Malone, Kiesza, AlunaGeorge + a Kanye appearance
  • Rae Sremmurd
  • Purity Ring


  • DJ Matoma with special guests Ja Rule, Sean Paul
  • Aluna George
  • Disclosure with special guests AlunaGeorge, Lorde, Kwabs, Jillian Hervey, Brendan Reilly, and Sam Smith (He performed Latch, one of my fave songs!)
  • Ice Cube with special guests NWA, O’Shea Jackson, Common, and Snoop Dogg
  • (I caught the end of) ZEDD with special guest Kesha
  • RL Grime


  • Despacio
  • (the end of) Matt & Kim
  • Bauer
  • Major Lazer featuring Sean Paul, Mo, and DJ Snake
  • SIA, with an amazing performance from her dancers
  • Calvin Harris with special guests Big Sean, Rihanna (*cues We Found Love as I remember dancing in the fields, singing at the top of my lungs to one of my favorite songs, and jumping around with friends and strangers with no care in the world. Bliss.*)

When all of the performances were over, dust filled the air, and exhaustion from the weekend existed on everyone’s faces, we followed the crowd to take our final walk through the gates. As I was leaving, I turned around and saw the landmark Coachella Ferris wheel shining brightly. As I started to take my final picture, I reflected on why this weekend was definitely one for the books. I had a great time with 8 amazing people who made this trip worthwhile. Not only was the music great, but the creative in me loved the art installations and murals located throughout the grounds. I finished taking my pic and exited the gates towards reality while holding on to experiences that I will never forget.


Coachella wore me out; it took me a full week to get my life back together. I even got sick from the dust! Yet,  it was worth every second. Did you go to Coachella this year ? If so, Which weekend & how did you like it ? If not, feel free to ask me questions about my experience if you're interested in going, and I will be sure to answer. Let me know your thoughts and the comments below! 

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