3 Things I Dare to Achieve in 2016

Today is the 1st day of June which means three things:

June 1 is the the middle of the year (2016 is is FLYING BY).

June 1 starts the end of Q1 for #AQuarterofKim.

June 1 is Dare Day. Dare Day is a day to challenge the way you think and to do something that you normally wouldn’t do.



For the past ~3 months, I have been in a very weird space. There are days where I feel like i’m on top of the world and that everything I want to do clicks, and at times I feel like I have no idea what i’m doing with no clue on how to begin. However, when I get in this state, I remember that no matter what, I will figure it out as long as I do the work. So I shake it off to regain focus.


Instead of trying to tackle many big goals for June, I took a different approach. I chose 3 things that I will dare to do that includes small goals that I can accomplish every week.

Dare to Create

If you have been following All That Is Kim, then you know about my journey to explore my inner creative (If this if your first time visiting, then welcome! Thanks for coming, and feel free to read other content on the blog). Whether I am taking photos, writing a blog post, or figuring how to create cool things on Snapchat (add me here!), I have been balancing the act of learning with the art of execution. However, I think it is time to take it up a notch. Whether it is through my social media, my blog, or my camera, each day this month I dare to create something every day. (Yes, every day.) In order to get better in any craft, practice is key. If I want to be excellent, then I must work towards excellence. I am forever a student, so this will be essential if I want to progress daily.


Dare to Build

After I watched a #FooliesFridays video from Alex Hanse and finished our collaboration to create cool content for Foolies, there was one quote he said that stood out to me. “Start at 0, and build.” It's easy to start comparing myself to someone’s success without remembering what it took for them to get there. In reality, I probably would be shocked at how many times the people that I admire and aspire to be have failed before making it to where they are today.


So, instead of wanting to start this journey at the top, I dare to start from ground zero and build. I dare to keep building, keep learning, and keep growing, I must ensure that I am putting in the work and appreciating my journey.

Dare to Plan

I was watching an interview for Chase Jarvis LIVE to Ramit Sethi during his 30 Days of Genius series. Ramit said “If you don’t plan your day, the world will plan it for you.” At my home back in FL, my mom has a calendar in the kitchen that has every appointment and task for the entire month. It is so detailed that I used to joke and say “If it is not on the calendar, then it is not happening.” Growing up, she always told me to keep a planner and write things down. I would do it for a while, but because I am stubborn and think I have it together, I decide to get it done by remembering it all in my head. Now as I reflect, I realize she was right (as always). As I started adding more things to my plate, I really needed to write everything down, so I not only wouldn’t forget anything important, but to also ensure that things get done in an efficient and effective way. If my calendar at work can be synced and organized, my personal calendar as it pertains to my blog or life should be on point as well. So, I dare to plan each week in order to create organization in my day to day life. I will plan out my calendar and stick to it. If it is on the calendar, it will get done. If it doesn’t, I will assess why it didn’t and plan accordingly.



I hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me a challenge that you dare to accomplish by finishing this sentence in the comments below:

I dare to __________________________ because _____________________ .

I can’t wait to read all of them. Let’s hold each other accountable.