R.Legacy: The Technology Issue


R.Legacy, based in NYC, is the lifestyle magazine for the new millennials. Editor-in-Chief Kedrick Walker wanted to create a magazine that “provides today’s generation with stories that impact their lives.” The Technology Issue does that and more.


Technology is a huge part of our society and also a main factor of why I blog today. I love technology and the way it affects our day to day lives in more ways than one. This issue shows how technology can not only be interesting but also artistic. Walker and his team used an editorial concept for the layout, photography that catches the eye, and included great content for their readers by using contributors from all areas.


I learned about the magazine after the release of the Artist Issue during Summer 2014 as I was approaching college graduation. It caught my interest, and I knew that I wanted to be apart of it some how. After a few twitter chats and conversations, I was afforded the opportunity to become a contributor for the Technology Issue. My focus was going to be on the Creative Labs portion of my senior design course that I had recently completed. Due to my excitement to express my creative side that I felt was slowly drifting away due to my brain being filled with analytical processes, my experience in this class was amazing, and I wanted to share that with R.Legacy and it’s readers.

Kedrick Walker in his Letter From The Editor states that “this has been our most stimulating and challenging issue.” Hard work pays off, and you surely didn’t disappoint. Kudos & can’t wait to see what is next in store.

For more information on R.Legacy, email rlegacymagazine@gmail.com or visit www.rlegacymag.com

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