Etsy + Ecommerce : The Outlet for Unique Individuals

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to shop. However, I also love the convenience of purchasing items using an app or an online site. That's where the world of E-Commerce comes in. E-Commerce uses internet technology to decrease costs that would usually come from extra inventory or stand alone stores.

Etsy allows customers to sell and buy vintage and handmade items. "Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods. [Their] mission is to re-imagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world"( Creatives love this concept because they have complete creative & financial control of their business. They control how much inventory they have, and they set their own prices depending on the material cost & time it took to create their unique items.

I recently spoke with Etsy user Alyssa Gatewood. She is 22 years old and currently resides in Portland, Oregon, where she works for Intel Corporation. She used her creativity, her passion for fashion, and her love for challenges to create her business Necklace Addiction. I love a good accessory, and Alyssa's necklaces do not disappoint. Her necklaces are displayed on her IG @necklaceaddicton_ as well as her Etsy shop Necklace Addiction where you can make a purchase. Read more below about the start of Necklace Addiction and how technology has aided this creative.


Alyssa, what sparked your interest to start a business?

"My business started from my love for fashion, along with my conservative spending tendencies. Even with a full time job, paying back student loans and bills take up most of my paychecks, which makes it hard to be able to afford a lot of the jewelry and accessories that I love and lust for. So one day I thought why can’t I make these myself? And that is exactly what I started doing. From layered jewelry to statement necklaces, I have been able to craft my own designs and styles. I started getting tons of compliments on my necklaces and inquires of where I purchased them. Once I explained that I was making them I started getting requests to make necklaces for friends and family members, and that is where my business began."

Why did you choose to start your business using Etsy?

"I decided Etsy would be the best platform to utilize to sell my jewelry. After doing some research Etsy seemed like the best option for me. My handmade necklaces are listed on my Etsy site Necklace Addiction and sell between $8.00 and $15.00 , I have been able to safely test the market as well as offer a competitive price for the necklaces I create."

Do you think technology has enhanced or descended the way consumers interact with the fashion industry?

"I think technology has definitely enhanced the way consumers interact with the fashion industry. It has provided consumers with more options, as well as more insight to what’s available, what looks good, and what is in style. I am definitely pro online shopping and online fashion blogs, I get some of my best fashion ideas from bloggers who communicate what they think looks good via the web."

How has Etsy changed your life in the world of E-Commerce ?

"Etsy has changed my life by allowing me to reach out to more people. There are hundreds of thousands of users looking on Etsy every day for handmade affordable items, and being able to share my offerings with them gives my business more exposure, than I would have ever been able to receive without it."